OUR MISSION: Develop and operate
safely, efficiently and profitably
a natural gas transportation
system across Quebec

Aboriginal Relations Policy

TQM Pipeline builds and operates a natural gas pipeline transmission system in Quebec
that is near aboriginal communities. TQM Pipeline is aware that these communities may
be affected by its network. The company believes that by establishing and maintaining a
positive, long-term relationship with aboriginal communities, it will be possible for both
parties to achieve their respective community and business interests.
The TQM Pipeline Aboriginal Relations Policy is based on three principles:
communication, consultation and commitment.
TQM Pipeline therefore considers it important to:

  • initiate and maintain regular communication throughout the life of a project;
  • carry out consultation with the aboriginal communities impacted by a
    TQM Pipeline project;
  • follow through on its commitments.

TQM Pipeline believes that its Aboriginal Relations Policy must be flexible enough to
allow the company to address the social, economic and legal issues of the communities
that it impacts. The company respects the diversity of aboriginal cultures, the
constitutional rights of aboriginal people, and their relationship with the land.