OUR MISSION: Develop and operate
safely, efficiently and profitably
a natural gas transportation
system across Quebec

Community Investment


Building strong communities where we live, work and operate is important to all of us.


Whether it's partnering with community groups, supporting local initiatives or encouraging our employees to get involved in local improvement initiatives, TQM’s goal is to build strong and vibrant communities. We deliver TransCanada’s Build Strong program, which provides valuable tools and resources to first responders, helps fund educational programs, supports important community needs, and strengthens environmental stewardship and sustainability through local and regional investments.

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Our Focus Areas

Through Build Strong, TQM supports local organizations and communities near our operational footprint that align with four giving areas.



First Responders: we support first responder organizations through in-kind donations and grants so they can purchase equipment and training

Emergency Preparedness: we invest in organizations that offer pipeline emergency preparedness and response training programs

Natural Disasters: we support organizations that offer preparation and disaster response programs to ensure the safety and readiness of TransCanada employees and/or community members in the event of a natural disaster

Safety Education: we support organizations that offer awareness and education programs to enhance safe community practices



Scholarships: we provide scholarships to post-secondary students across North America in four categories

Early Education: we invest in organizations that offer early childhood development programs that align with our focus areas

Skills and Development: we invest in organizations to offer programs that enable greater participation in the employment and contracting opportunities created by our projects, operations and industry

Workforce Enablement: we invest in organizations that offer job readiness and workplace essential skills training



Local Events: we support local cultural events and celebrations that bring people together

Support Services: we invest in organizations that offer social service programs that have been identified as high priority by the community

Civic Investments: we invest in organizations that offer infrastructure development that will positively impact many residents and address an identified social need

Recreation and Youth: we invest in organizations that offer leadership programs to develop youth



Conservation Organizations: we partner with organizations that protect ecologically sensitive landscapes and species at risk

Habitat Restoration: we invest in organizations that aim to protect and restore important habitat for wildlife

Environmental stewardship: we invest in programs that provide opportunity for environmental stewardship

Environmental Education: we invest in initiatives that educate the public about the importance of the environment and sustainable practices


Our Regional Employees

TQM’s regional employees are responsible for the development of a local community investment plan that integrates Community Investment, Community Relations, Indigenous Relations and Public Awareness. Your applications to the Build Strong program are triaged to ensure the correct subject matter expert conducts the review.

TQM relies upon TransCanada to ensure the operation of its pipeline system. As part of its operations, TransCanada is also responsible for the management of the Build Strong program for TQM.

To apply, please use the TransCanada Community Investment Program website.