OUR MISSION: Develop and operate
safely, efficiently and profitably
a natural gas transportation
system across Quebec

Environmental policy

Environmental protection is a priority for the Board of Directors, management and
employees of TQM Pipeline.

TQM Pipeline believes that its development is intrinsically linked to an ongoing
effort to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. Therefore, in all of
its natural gas transmission activities, the company demonstrates a disciplined environmental
approach in order to develop its business in a sustainable manner.

To this end, TQM Pipeline respects all environmental laws and regulations that
apply to its activities as well as all requirements with which the company must
comply in this respect.

TQM Pipeline takes the practical measures required to prevent or to mitigate the
adverse environmental impacts of its activities.

In this regard, the company:

  • Ensures that the planning, construction and operations of its facilities are
    carried out and monitored in a comprehensive way in order to comply with
    government standards.
  • Ensures that its activities are conducted with a view to limiting the intensity
    of greenhouse gasses attributable to the transmission of natural gas.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with environmental specialists to ensure
    that its employees are trained in the best environmental protection techniques
    and that they are well aware of the importance of environmental issues.
  • Conducts audits, drawing on the expertise of independent specialists in order to identify areas of improvement with respect to government or corporate environmental standards. Consequently, corrective measures required are taken without delay.

Approved by the
Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
February 11, 1993

Amended May 1, 2007