OUR MISSION: Develop and operate
safely, efficiently and profitably
a natural gas transportation
system across Quebec

transmission services

TQM Pipeline (« Company ») operates a natural gas pipeline network in the Province of Québec between Les Cédris, located West of Montréal, and Lévis (Saint-Nicolas), located on the South Shore of Québec City, and between Terrebonne (Lachenaie), located East of Montréal, and East Hereford on the New Hampshire border. The Company renders natural gas transportation services through such network.

The Company also provides a Transportation and Storage Service downstream of Saint-Maurice, a Storage Gas Transportation Service from Pointe-du-Lac and from Lévis (Saint-Nicolas) and a Biogas Transportation Service from Sainte-Geneviève-de-Berthier in the Province of Québec.

The Gas Transportation Tariff sets forth the tolls, terms and conditions applicable to the services provided by the Company.

Summary of transportation agreements

Services Description

T1 Firm Service


T-1 Firm Service — Firm Transportation Service to and/or from Receipt and Delivery Points on the TQM System.


OT-1 Overrun Service


Overrun Service — Applicable for domestic and export gas sales and is available to any Shipper which has contracted and is taking Service under Toll Schedule T-1 and is available up to a specified volume upon request by Shipper and authorization by TQM.

General Terms and Conditions for
T-1 and OT-1 Services


Service Agreement Template



Storage and Transportation of Gas — Available for transportation and storage of gas from receipt points to delivery points.



Storage Gas Transportation — To transport storage gas from Pointe-du-Lac to Trois-Rivières and, for any excess volumes, to points downstream of Trois-Rivières, and to transport storage gas received at the Saint-Nicolas receipt point to points upstream of Saint-Nicolas.



Biogas Transportation — To transport biogas from Sainte-Geneviève-de-Berthier to Gaz Métro's delivery points.



Biogas 2 Transportation — For receipt and transportation of Refined Biogas.



BGT2 — Contract


General Terms and Conditions for
TS, SGT, BGT, BGT2 Services