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As we continue to safely and reliably deliver energy to our customers, we’re also improving our natural gas network, ensuring progress in our transition to a lower-carbon world, while also ensuring reliability.

All TQM Compressor Stations in Québec are using electricity as their primary power source, helping us reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, three of our four compressor station sites with primary electric motor drive units are backed up by secondary gas turbine units, ensuring essential gas supply reaches homes, hospitals, schools and businesses across the region. Our Lachenaie Compressor Station is our only entirely electric compressor station.



What is a compressor station?

As gas flows through a pipeline, its motion is slowed down by friction, resulting in a loss of pressure. To keep gas continuously flowing at a desired rate, it requires pressure increases at specific points along the pipeline. These sites that are connected to the pipeline, are called compressor stations. The location and number of compressor stations required for a natural gas pipeline network depend on several factors, examples include the operating pressure of the pipeline, the diameter of the pipe used, and the desired volume of gas to be transported.

All TQM Compressor Stations use a primary electric motor drive unit. Three of our four Compressor Stations use a secondary backup gas turbine to provide compression during maintenance or outage periods on the electric grid.

Rive-Nord Project Completion

The Rive-Nord Project increased the capacity, reliability and flexibility of the TQM Pipeline system in Québec. The Project included the construction of a new compressor station in Blainville, connected to the existing TQM Pipeline, as well as an increase of electrical power at an existing TQM Compressor Station in East Hereford.

New Compressor Station in Blainville

The completion of the interconnection and construction of a new compressor station in Blainville helps maintain the desired flow and pressure within the existing gas pipeline. The Project involved the construction of a new electric-motor-drive compressor unit as the primary and a second gas turbine unit as the secondary. 

The operational strategy of this combined electric and gas compressor station is to maximize the uptime of the electric units and only operate the gas-fired units during planned or unplanned downtime of the electric units to maintain elevated levels of service reliability while also minimizing emissions.

The gas-fired units retain the ability to run the compressor station in the event of an electrical utility outage. Without the secondary units, critical natural gas supply to various customers – including hospitals, schools, institutions and homes – could be interrupted.

The Blainville location was chosen based on several criteria, primarily with a view to mitigate impacts on physical, human, biological, water and wetland environments, as well as easier site access. TQM worked with the City of Blainville to ensure the facilities were visually cohesive with urban planning guidelines.

Electrical power increase at East Hearford Compressor Station

The available electrical power at the existing electrical unit in East Hereford was increased to maintain the desired flow and pressure within the existing gas pipeline.

TQM Reinforcement Project and asset purchase

These recently completed facility additions and upgrades ensure the reliability and security of natural gas supply in the Montérégie and Estrie regions.

These major improvements were a collaboration between Énergir, TC Energy and TQM to provide a long-term facility solution to address distribution shifts on the Énergir distribution system in the Estrie and Montérégie regions of Québec. These improvements reinforce the security of gas supply, while ensuring continued reliability for the TQM system in Québec.

Three major improvements:

  • Sabrevois Asset Purchase: TQM acquired a 64-km pipeline in Quebec, from Énergir, that runs from an interconnection with TC Energy in Sabrevois to Shefford, where it interconnects with the existing TQM Pipeline.
  • New Compressor Station in Bromont: TQM completed construction of the Bromont Compressor Station, with an electric motor drive as the primary unit and a second gas turbine unit.
  • New interconnection at Saint-Basile-le-Grand: TQM completed construction of a new interconnection between TQM and Énergir.

Similar to the Blainville Compressor Station, the site of the Bromont Compressor Station was thoughtfully selected in collaboration with the City of Bromont. Several factors, including the mitigation of physical, human, biological, water and wetland environments impacts, were considered prior to selection of the site.

In addition, Énergir and TC Energy also constructed the following as part of the TQM Reinforcement Project:

  • A new delivery station at Saint-Basile-le-Grand, operated by Énergir
  • Unit addition at the existing Station 802 compressor station at Saint-Philippe, operated by TC Energy


TQM applied to the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) before completing Project work on our federally regulated pipeline. The CER reviewed and assessed the Project details, including potential impact to local communities, property and the environment, before granting approval.

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