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Environmental protection is a priority for both the Board of Directors and leaders at TQM. We support the objectives set out by the Paris Agreement and we recognize that, as a responsible owner and operator, we need to effectively manage and reduce our GHG emissions. TQM also supports Québec government regulations that require natural gas distributors to have RNG represent 5 per cent of the total volume of conventional gas distributed by 2025. While TQM is not mandated to meet this target, it is exploring what it can align to.

As we undertake the challenge before us, we remain committed to our long-standing principles of environmental stewardship, protection and performance.

The planning, construction and operations of our facilities are carried out and monitored in a comprehensive way that complies with government standards. In fact, TQM takes practical measures to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts of its activities.

TQM works with specialists to ensure that we are trained in the best environmental protection techniques. Independent experts are periodically engaged to conduct environmental audits to identify any non-compliance with governmental or corporate standards. Any corrective measures required are taken without delay.

Land studies underway along the pipeline route

Since implementing an enhanced LDAR program in 2020 as a response to new Canadian methane reduction regulations, almost 3,000 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) have been eliminated across TQM1. This is equivalent to emissions from approximately 650 passenger vehicles driven for one year2. We also complete mandatory annual compressor seal vent testing and monitor vented emissions in accordance with federal regulatory requirements.

(1) This is the estimated volume of emissions which would have occurred if an LDAR program had not been in place for 2020 and 2021.
(2) Based on U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator



TQM believes that its continued operational success is intrinsically linked to an ongoing effort to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. As such, the company demonstrates a disciplined environmental approach to develop its natural gas transmission activities in a sustainable manner.

TQM respects all environmental laws and regulations that apply to its activities, as well as all requirements with which the company must comply in this respect.

TQM takes the practical measures required to prevent or to mitigate the adverse environmental impacts of its activities. In this regard, the company:

  • Ensures that the planning, construction and operations of its facilities are carried out and monitored in a comprehensive way in order to comply with government standards.
  • Ensures that its activities are conducted with a view to limiting the intensity of greenhouse gasses attributable to the transmission of natural gas.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with environmental specialists to ensure that its employees are trained in the best environmental protection techniques and that they are well aware of the importance of environmental issues.
  • Conducts audits, drawing on the expertise of independent specialists in order to identify areas of improvement with respect to government or corporate environmental standards. Consequently, corrective measures required are taken without delay.

Indigenous Relations

Embedded in the lands on which TQM operates are the histories, cultures and traditions of Indigenous communities across Québec. TQM acknowledges that its natural gas transmission footprint is situated within the traditional and unceded lands of the Mohawk, Algonquin, Atikamekw, Abenaki, and Huron-Wendat peoples. We honour and thank the traditional custodians of this land and strive for respectful partnerships with all Indigenous peoples of this province.

TQM understands that the communities along our pipeline may be affected by our development and operations and we believe that by establishing and maintaining a positive, long-term relationship with Indigenous communities, it will be possible for both parties to achieve their respective community and business interests.

The TQM Indigenous Relations Policy is based on three principles: communication, consultation and commitment, and as such, we know it is important to:

  • initiate and maintain regular communication throughout the life of a project;
  • carry out consultation with the aboriginal communities impacted by a
    TQM project; and
  • follow through on its commitments.

TQM believes its Indigenous Relations Policy must be flexible enough to allow the company to address the social, economic and legal issues of the communities that it impacts. The company respects the diversity of Indigenous cultures, the constitutional rights of Indigenous people and their relationship with the land.


Whether it's partnering with community groups, supporting local initiatives or lending a hand for local improvement initiatives, TQM’s goal is to build strong and vibrant communities. We deliver TC Energy’s Build Strong program, which provides valuable tools and resources to first responders, helps fund educational programs, supports important community needs, and strengthens environmental stewardship and sustainability through local and regional investments.

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Energizing Communities - BuildStrong

Types of funding


A tax-deductible donation made to an organization that does not require the donor to receive significant goods or services in return.


A donation made to an organization that results in the donor receiving some form of commercial benefit. These are typically one-time events, such as galas and conferences, and may not be tax-deductible.

In-kind donations

A donation of equipment or resources owned by TC Energy made to an organization. Some examples include furniture, vehicles, computers and employee time.


The TC Energy Scholarship program provides financial support to students enrolled in post-secondary institutions. We offer over 800 scholarships across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to help develop the next generation of diverse, innovative community leaders and provide a skilled workforce for our industry.

Focus areas

Through Build Strong, TQM supports local organizations and communities near our operational footprint that align with four giving areas:









TQM relies on TC Energy to ensure the operation of its pipeline system. As part of its operations, TC Energy is also responsible for the management of the Build Strong program for TQM.

To apply, visit TC Energy’s Build Strong page.