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Transportation tolls and services

The Trans Québec & Maritimes Pipeline (TQM) system is operated by TC Energy and supplies natural gas through Énergir to residential, commercial and industrial customers in Québec, as well as supplies downstream customers in the Northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada.

TQM also provides a Transportation and Storage Service, a Storage Gas Transportation Service and a Biogas Transportation Service within the Province of Québec.


T-1 Firm Service Toll Schedule — Firm Transportation Service to and/or from Receipt and Delivery Points on the TQM System.

T-1 Service Agreement

OT-1 Overrun Service Toll Schedule — Applicable for domestic and export gas sales and is available to any customer which has contracted and is taking Service under Toll Schedule T-1 and is available up to a specified volume upon request by the customer and authorization by TQM.

General Terms and Conditions for T-1 and OT-1 Services

SGT Storage Gas Transportation — To transport storage gas from Pointe-du-Lac to Trois-Rivières and, for any excess volumes, to points downstream of Trois-Rivières, and to transport storage gas received at the Saint-Nicolas receipt point to points upstream of Saint-Nicolas.

BGT2 Biogas 2 Transportation Toll Schedule — For receipt and transportation of Refined Biogas.

BGT-2 Biogas 2 Transportation Contract

General Terms and Conditions for SGT and BGT2 Services


Final tolls

2023 Final tolls

On May 1, 2023, the Canada Energy Regulator issued Order TG-001-2023 approving TQM’s 2023 Final Tolls as filed.

Interim tolls

2024 Interim Tolls

On December 14, 2023 by Order TGI-003-2023, the Canada Energy Regulator approved TQM Pipeline's application, dated November 29, 2023, for Interim Tolls and for the Abandonment Surcharge, both effective January 1, 2024.

Abandonment Trust

On April 28, 2023, TQM filed the 2022 Abandonment Funding Reporting Form and Trust Fund Annual Audited Financial Statements for the period ending December 31, 2022 with the Canada Energy Regulator (CER).

For a full history of all TQM interim and final tolls filings, please visit the CER’s website.