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Call or click before you dig

TQM is committed to the safety of everyone living or working near our pipelines and associated facilities. Please keep in mind that certain activities can pose a risk to a pipeline and the people around it.

Fact sheet: Pipeline safety for excavators and farmers

Call or click before you dig

Before you dig, fill out the form on the Info Excavation website to request a locate. Info Excavation will contact all members who own a buried facility in your area and have them mark their facilities on your property. For facilities owned by non-members, an additional call to these companies is required.

Marking of your property and the services provided by Info Excavation are free of charge.


Excavation activities that require contacting Info Excavation include (but are not limited to):

  • Installing fence posts
  • Planting trees
  • Cleaning ditches
  • Installing a below-ground swimming pool
  • Digging irrigation ditches

Consequences of unsafe digging include:

  • Risk of serious injuries and death
  • Fines and repair costs to fix the underground utility line(s)
  • Interrupted services such as electricity, gas and water